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I was running a Car Paint Store for a major Paint Manufacturer and I was let go because the Company decided to shut that location. In the coming weeks, I received a lot of phone calls from “my customers” who I had been serving and helping for years and I realized I had an asset and an opportunity I couldn’t miss. So I looked for an exclusive Brand for that territory who I could trust and partner up with and that’s how I started my Robvan and now I have 2.

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I value the freedom and not having a boss to whom I have to report daily everything that I do in every minute. I have my own route, my own customers, and thanks to the tools provided by Roberlo I can focus almost all of my time in sales which is what I like.

When I started with the Robvan Roberlo was not offering yet all the solutions and tools to manage the business. My background was in sales so I was not 100% sure about Inventory levels, Invoicing, Ordering and so on. I relied on my Roberlo account manager to overcome all the bumps we found in the way and then Roberlo saw how important it is for us to have all these tools so we can manage the busines easily and stay focus on sales.

With these difficult times I would recommend it to anyone in this industry who has lost their job. From a delivery person, salesperson, or store manager. The investment is low, you get a good dedication from Roberlo’s team and the return is not only economical to buy a way different way of living especially in this industry.

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