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The freedom to be your own boss

Start your own business and become a Robvan Sales Partner, selling top quality car paint products of a leading European manufacturer to the body shop

Your store on wheels 

Robvan the van

Collaboration from a leading manufacturer 

Easy setup

Top european products

Arrive directly to your targeted market 

Exclusive project 

Distinctive mobile  store

The concept

A Robvan is the most efficient and inexpensive way to create sales routes and a proven model across the country.

It is a mobile warehouse, showroom, and an office, all in one.

It allows you to bring the product directly to the customer, right where they are.

Your best alternative to a brick & morter store to recover quicker your investment.

It’s a Turnkey project with Roberlo’s support in each step.

Robvan key figures

Key figures

our best endorsement 

Robvan project startup cost:

$ 25 k

Annual potential revenue over

$ 240K 

Less than 

1 year investment-return


products in the portfolio

Figures are estimated on our current Robvaner experience. Please, do not hesitate to ask for your personal projection. 




Who are we

to ensure this

Roberlo company specialized in the development, manufacture, and sale of coatings and other repair solutions for the refinish aftermarket and for industrial applications. Our experience allowed us to be the leading European manufacturers of products for these industrial sectors. Our fifteen subsidiaries and the commercial presence we have in more than 100 countries underline our global vision of the market.

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