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Frequently asked questions

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FAQs: Preguntas frecuentes

What should I consider before applying?

This opportunity would be a good fit for those who are looking to run a full-time business, who are self-starters and driven and are comfortable in a fast-paced, ever-changing environment. We are looking for candidates who love technical sales and have the grit and leadership required to roll up their sleeves to get work done, enjoy operating as a part of a larger community, and have a can-do attitude. This opportunity would not be a good fit for those looking to make a passive investment or work part-time.

How much start-up capital is required?

Assuming that you choose to take advantage of all third-party deals impacting startup costs that have been negotiated by Roberlo, we estimate that it will cost $15,000 to start the businesses. This represents our estimate of what it will cost to cover key startup costs including the van downpayment, the inventory, and the salary coverage.  You can find more information in our program brochure and do not hesitate to ask for your personal projection.

How Roberlo contribute to my project?

The Robvan is a turnkey project with Roberlo’s support in each step. Robvans have a close relationship with  Roberlo, who supports the whole process.

There is a total collaboration from a leading European manufacturer with a worldwide presence. The Robvan has access to Roberlo’s brand and marketing elements and to conceptualization support. Roberlo provides assistance for efficient stock management. Also, Roberlo determines the van model and the interior organization needed.  

We will enhance your sales department by providing sales and technical team training and weekly and monthly follow-up.  As a Robvaner, you will have priority access to Roberlo’s novelties and latest innovations.


What do you ask for?

To be a Robvaner is a way to see the business.  As a Robvan Sales Partner, you should have a commitment with the project, be compliant with the brand guidelines, provide top service, and be committed to Roberlo's products are essentials to the project.

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