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I came from another country where the economical and political situation was very difficult and the Robvan helped me with little investment to start my own business and continue in the Car Refinish Industry where I worked for over 20 years.

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I am one member of Roberlo USA because of the Company culture, the treatment, the training, the constant contact with my account manager who helps me get more business. I can run the business thanks to the tools provided to make my route more efficient without worrying about traffic and which customer I visit first and also the software where I have all the products and prices already loaded. It is useful to see reports of which customers owe me money so I have to focus on that and this overall helps me running my business smoothly.

There is no limit.
I can decide whether I stay forever on this route or I may hire somebody to do this route and start a new one.

I was coming from a sales background and have never been afraid to sell to people but I was new in this country, another language... Despite I was going part of my time with Roberlo’s  Account Manager I obviously had to do it as well alone. That was a bit overwhelming but it was just the first month.

I would recommend it to anyone who is already in sales and want to have their own business but not necessarily eager to spent a lot of money. There is no easier way to run a business-focused 100% on sales and that only depends on your job.

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